10 Cool Things You Can Do With JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most used and popular programming languages. With more than 60% of software developers using it worldwide, knowing some of the most important and interesting things you can do with JavaScript can be crucial to your success. Without further ado, here are the top 10 cool things to do with JavaScript (JS).

What Is JavaScript?

JS is a powerful programming language widely used for creating dynamic and interactive content on the web. It enables developers to implement complex features on web pages, such as animated graphics, interactive forms, and real-time updates without reloading the page.

Originally designed for developing web browsers, JavaScript has evolved to serve as a versatile tool for both client-side and server-side applications. This has definitely made it an indispensable skill in the toolkit of modern web developers. That being said, let’s explore some of the most common uses of JavaScript.

A close-up of code
The primary role of JS was to build a web-based app

#1 Dynamic Content and Responsive Design

JS boosts websites by making them interactive and adaptable to various devices. Dynamic and responsive websites offer high customization, automatically resizing content and images. Why is this important? Just consider that about 95% of people do any kind of online research via smartphone.

JS enables animations and form validations and adjusts layouts for an optimal viewing experience across all screen sizes. It also facilitates the creation of custom form components, like sliders and drop-down menus, and supports the verification of user inputs to ensure data integrity.

A woman using both a smartphone and a laptop
What can you do with JavaScript? It makes your page responsive and dynamic

#2 Sophisticated Web App Development

What can you make with JavaScript besides responsive design? Well, JS has some amazing frameworks. For example, Angular, React, and Vue empower developers to build complex and efficient web applications with advanced functionalities and user interfaces. That’s how Netflix and Uber are precisely built in JS.

Its plugins significantly enhance software development capabilities with no need for additional coding. JS simplifies the process of developing plugins for widely-used content management platforms such as WordPress and Drupal. It’s also a prime choice for modifying existing plugins to meet unique requirements, offering tailored functionality enhancements.

A cup near a TV screen
What can JavaScript do? Web apps are some of the most popular examples

#3 Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

With JS and frameworks like React Native, developers can create mobile apps that run seamlessly on both iOS and Android from a single codebase. That way, you reduce not only the development time but also the overall costs, especially if you decide to outsource a mobile app development company.

But if you still ask yourself, “What can I do with JavaScript?” count on Reactive Native. It’s a top-notch framework for creating apps for smart TVs, desktops, mobile, and VR (Shopify, Facebook, Microsoft Office, and Skype)

Data codes through glasses
Top-notch mobile app development services use JS

#4 Web-Based and Mobile Game Development

What can you build with JavaScript that is fun and easy? JS is ideal for developing both web-based and mobile games, suiting various game types. It’s also an excellent starting point for young learners due to its straightforward syntax and the abundance of learning resources available online, making it accessible for budding programmers. Here are some popular examples:

  • Bitburner,
  • SimCity,
  • Minesweeper,
  • CrossCode,
  • Pac-Man,
  • Pong,
  • 2048.

#5 Insightful Data Visualization

JS provides a wide array of libraries that enable the creation of detailed charts, graphs, and animations for user interfaces, along with the design of both 2D and 3D visuals and objects. It leverages robust libraries such as D3.js and Chart.js, offering developers efficient and straightforward means to produce insightful data visualizations.

A developer working on a laptop computer with several monitors
Global data visualization market reached $7.76B in 2023

#6 Control of Drones

There are some super fun things to do with JavaScript. JS’s versatility extends into the world of robotics, where it serves as a bridge between software development and hardware control. Its use in drone technology stands out as a prime example. By leveraging specific libraries and frameworks, this language enables developers to control drones. That way, the tasks from basic flight maneuvers to complex autonomous operations are much simpler.

A flying white drone
JS is a powerful tool in the innovative field of drone technology and robotics

#7 Server-Side App Development

JavaScript is capable of powering server-side applications through various frameworks such as Node.js and Express. These applications handle tasks such as managing database interactions, executing back-end logic, processing user requests, and returning the necessary data to the client side of a web application. Following the latest web development trends, these technologies enable JS to manage client-side requests, including authentication processes and database interactions.

A woman coding on a computer
JS enables you to easily manage a variety of client-side interactions

#8 AI and Machine Learning

JS is versatile for developing machine learning algorithms to forecast results, discern patterns, and analyze extensive datasets. It’s equally effective for crafting Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. While AI development demands advanced programming skills, JS equips developers with the necessary resources to devise sophisticated and potent AI technologies.

A developer coding on a computer
TensorFlow.js is the best framework for AI and machine learning

#9 Internet of Things (IoT)

Developers can leverage JavaScript to program embedded devices, including smart lighting systems, home automation technology, robots, and various IoT devices. This enables the control of device hardware and data management, showcasing JavaScript’s capability as a potent tool for IoT development.

A white Bluetooth speaker
Amazon Echo is built in Node.js

#10 Desktop Apps Development

JS is essential in desktop development for applications that run across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Leveraging frameworks such as Electron or Node-Webkit, a top-notch desktop application development company can write application code once and deploy it across multiple platforms. By doing that, developers will achieve nearly native performance. This approach streamlines the development process and enhances the versatility of applications created with JS.

A woman working on an Apple desktop computer
Did you know that the Duolingo desktop app is made with JS?

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Now that you know what you can do with JavaScript, it’s clear that this programming language is versatile – it can practically be used for a variety of developing needs. For those looking to take their projects to the next level with the power of JavaScript, Juratech Solutions stands ready to guide you through every step. Contact us for unparalleled offshoring expertise in both back-end web development and front-end web development services, and let’s transform your ideas into reality.

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