AV Rack Configurator

Client: Fat Cat Tech, Tru Audio

A software solution for easily configuring racks and audio/video equipment by drag and drop through modern visual interface. It allows distributors, retailers and direct customers to either select from some predefined bundles (which can be modified if needed) or create their own configurations from scratch, calculate a bill of materials and place orders. The solution features multilingual UI, multiple price levels for different dealer tiers, configuration step by step wizard, multiple views including 3D preview, and much more.


Client, who is a manufacturer of racks and additional equipment such as rack shelves, casters, mounts, etc, wanted to create a solution for their registered customers (retailers, distributors and direct customers) to easily configure the wanted product, see how it would look like visually, calculate price, generate bill of materials, and make an order with a single click.


The basic team included two developers.

Tech stack

Visual Basic 6, DirectX, DirectX3D


The MVP version of the application is developed in under three months. It wasn’t as visually appealing and it lacked some features, but it demonstrated it’s usability, and we got the green light to continue the development. The main goals for further development were better graphic representation (we’ve decided to use DirectX as it was a dominant graphic engine at the time) and the ability to support multiple languages, number formats, as well as unit converter. Until this day, we consider this one of the most advanced projects we’ve been involved with, specifically because of it’s graphic engine which was pretty much ahead of it’s time.

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