The web portal was successfully launched sometime in October, 2017. It was clear from the very start that client had the right idea and that our execution was spot on as results were visible right away. Sales agents could do more in less time, they had more appointments and a lot more sales. Managers were able to easily track and correct any irregularities which eliminated many of the existing problems in the long run. Also, the ability to track sales processes allowed them to make various adjustments and optimizations which increased sales even more.

As matter a fact, the launch was so successful that it wasn’t long before client, whom by now we started considering as partner, opened a phase two of the project with many new ideas they wanted to try. Since we had ideas of our own, we have engaged into a fruitful cooperation over the next 5 years and the original solution evolved into comprehensive tool for multiple business operations, which includes fully remote policy signing (implemented during Covid-19 crisis), remote identification, document management, unified communications, investment funds, bank integration, automated reporting system, and so much more.

Our joined effort also led to bronze award European Customer Experience Awards 2022 for best user experience in the crisis.

The project is still under active development as new ideas emerge all the time and we are also providing maintenance services as well as full user support to web portal users.